Quality and food safety change-over process development and implementation for high product growth

Posted 07 / 23 / 2021


As some companies have experience with fast-paced demand and need to deliver products to their customers sometimes requirements for sanitation during change-over can be overlooked when simply adding new products to the SKU offerings. In this case the company was trying its best to meet customer demand of a new line of products, after performing Food Safety and Quality audits they encountered deviations in the current product change-over process where there was no Sanitation requirement exposing the risk of cross-contamination or product mix-up.


The first steps taken by the team was to deep dive into the product chemical composition to understand the requirements for changing To: and From: all existing SKU’s, once this was understood we set the proper testing to identify deviations and validate proper sanitation before starting production of an upcoming SKU, by doing so we now had a clear understanding of the critical limits to ensure proper safety and food quality.


After training our team on the 7 Steps of Sanitation and Value Stream Mapping we conducted Gemba walks to understand the current process to later identify gaps and opportunities, we then moved into the technical aspects of disassembling line equipment deemed necessary to perform a sanitation process. We also learnt about the Deep-Clean Sanitation process held at longer intervals as part of their Master Sanitation Schedule compliance procedures, this took from 4hrs to 8hrs depending on the amount of labor available for the process.



At the end of the event we learnt important lessons, we must keep our systems in check and minds open to prepare us for the continuous demands of our customers to allow growth. increase knowledge gives us the tools to be successful keeping Quality and Food Safety at the forefront of our operations.

“We all own Quality and Food Safety”

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