GCC's Continuous Improvement SpecialtyThe Kaizen Week

We don't do it because its easy, We do it because it's hard

The Kaizen Week

Day 1

  • Kick Off
  • Lean Principles Training
  • Safety Observations

Day 2

  • Seeing the Proccess
    • Process Mapping
    • Time Studies and Data Collection
  • Identify Gaps and Opportunities
  • Brainstorming
  • Prioritizing Ideas (Impact vs Effort)

Day 3

  • Take Action
    • Try new process
    • Develop Process Standardization and Metrics

Day 4

  • Refine New Process
  • Implement New Process Standardization
  • Implement Visual Management Tools
  • Sustainment Plan

Day 5

  • Refine sustainment and implementation plan
  • Report out

We solve problems as a Team, Our proven Process:

Analyze and Understand

We identify and eliminate wasteful practices and non-value-added tasks across the process. We understand that your frontline staff is a valuable resource. So we leverage their experience and expertise throughout the process.

Warehouse owner talking to banker

Solve Problems with Lean

We instill frontline staff the core principles of Continuous Improvement to dissect problems challenging the "status quo" this unlocks the true potential for good change "Kaizen". We then take ideas into action solving real world problems to create value.

Succeed with our Customers

We implement process standardization utilizing ADKAR "Management of Change" to ensure this becomes fundamental to the success of the event. We develop Key Performance Indicators (KPI) with built-in Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) cycles to drive sustainment and continue to improve results.

Then things get real (this is where most consultants leave)

At the end of the Kaizen Week the team reports improvements results including implementation and sustainment plans to the Leadership Team, Stakeholders and Sponsors.

We don’t just deliver documented standards and strategies.

We execute Work Breakdown Structures with measurables goals and strategies to deliver results. In fact, we’ll help audit, validate and sustain results.

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