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Transform waste into value

Good Change Consulting is more than a consultancy firm. Founded in 2020. We have identified the need in this ever-changing World to bring fast pace flexibility through continuous improvement to those companies striving to overcome challenges and grow their business, that is why we want to collaborate with passionate leaders and unlock visionary hearts and minds to take their teams and businesses to the next level.

What We Do?

Analyze and Understand

We identify and eliminate wasteful practices and non-value-added tasks across the process. We understand that your frontline staff is a valuable resource. So we leverage their experience and expertise throughout the process.

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Solve Problems with Lean

We instill frontline staff the core principles of Continuous Improvement to dissect problems challenging the "status quo" this unlocks the true potential for good change "Kaizen". We then take ideas into action solving real world problems to create value.

Succeed with our Customers

We implement process standardization utilizing ADKAR "Management of Change" to ensure this becomes fundamental to the success of the event. We develop Key Performance Indicators (KPI) with built-in Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) cycles to drive sustainment and continue to improve results.

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What Makes Us Different?

Most Consultants Don’t Do Pre-work


We do it for free! Why, this is where we create the vision for your success. We don’t assume pre-work can be done alone, we do it together

We Pay Ourselves Once you See the Value


We are not here to compete, our value comes from your growth and satisfaction of your success, we don’t charge money we pay ourselves once you see the value we create in your company

Delivering Real World Results


We let our results speak for themselves, we want to share your success with the world

We Want to Eventually Become Obsolete


Ultimately we want to eventually become obsolete, meaning you no longer need us to continuously improve

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Problems are Opportunities for Improvement

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